New Silver Tier Reward: Art Book
I've crated a new Silver reward Called “Art Book” that will take the place of Daily Doodles in the Silver Tier.

There will be two types of Art Book posts: 

  • Art Book In Development posts will display in-progress and final artwork intended to be collected into the next volume of Art Book.
  • Art Book Download posts will be where Silver Tier Subscribers can download a PDF for free, or purchase a print version of the book. 

The first Art Book is scheduled to be completed at the end of June. It will be the first book in the Destination Unknown Art Series.

Keep reading for more information about what the New Art Book Reward is and why I've created it.

What is  the Art Book Reward?

Each Art Book volume collects a series of 20 finished pieces. Each artwork is accompanied with a page of work-in-progress thumbnails displaying key stages of development from start to finish.

Each volume will be comprised of art in the same series. For example, the first art book scheduled will contain artwork from a drawing series entitled "Destination Unknown".

Why Did I create the Art Book Reward?

Art Book replaces the current iteration of Daily Doodles because they gradually shifted into something more than originally intended.

Daily Doodles were supposed to be quick sketches, warmup drawings, and anatomy studies. 

While it did start out that way, over time Daily Doodle drawings became more and more detailed and time intensive. They are now at the point where they no longer fit the original description of quick sketches.

Daily Doodles is still around and will be moving to the Bronze tier.

I'm reverting Daily Doodles to it's original concept of quick sketches and moving it to the Bronze tier. Learn more about the new Daily Doodles here