The Young Protectors - Ch 3, Page 115

Hmm. That metal ball looks familiar… We have some new Fan Art, “a silly parody of chapter 1, page 23″ from Xithyl. It asks the question: “What if The Platinum Priestess, instead of The Annihilator, had been responsible for gaining Kyle’s trust?” Do check it out. :) And y’all continue to kick butt here at the Patreon Page! Since the last update, y’all have leapt forward to within just $2/month of the next Milestone Goal (!) (which is at $6500/month), raising your support by $356/month to $6498/month! So, not only are we just a couple dollars away from triggering the next Milestone Goal. We’re also just $500 away from me being able to make comics for y’all full-time! This looks like it might actually happen. And y’all would have been the ones to make it happen! Thank you so, so much! Patrons have let me know they are loving what the previous Milestone Goal unlocked: seeing the Script pages along with the Thumbnail Pages and the Penciled Pages for Patrons with each update for a complete behind-the-scenes look at how these pages come together. But of course, the exciting news is the fun new variation of the Full Monty Annihilator that Rum-Locker has made! The $5000/month Milestone Goal unlocked a fully-nude, full-color Full-Monty The Annihilator Pin-Up as a Special Digital Reward for those pledging $5 or more. The version that was previously released let you see everything. How big our man Duncan is. Whether he is cut or uncut. And why Kyle had the reaction he did when he first saw The Annihilator naked. But sexy Annihilator was over sexy, pure black. And Rum-Locker and I thought it would be extra cool if he added a little background to help fuel your imagination of where you might be encountering our Silver Fox. So I asked him to start work on that and made the $6500/month Milestone Goal a special wallpaper with the Full Monty Annihilator with that background as a Special Digital Reward. The full-body, fully nude painted version of The Annihilator with background will be posted as a Special Digital Reward under the Creations tab over at my Patreon Page after the Milestone Goal is met. Whether you want to use it for a wallpaper for your phone, or would prefer instead to print it out and throw darts at it, I’ll tell you one thing: you won’t be disappointed with the art. It was special before. Now it’s even more awesome. :) So! Looks like The Annihilator has a new toy to play with. These meddling kids have made a total mess of the lawn party Sircea and Duncan were having. And Commander is giving Flipper a pep talk. Things have gone from bad to worse. Will our heroes be able to turn things around? Tune in this Wednesday to find out! Hope to see you there! :D

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