The MLB Playoff Predictor's Status is Officially Closed Alpha
I've been getting asked a lot lately by users on Discord and Twitter about what the state of the MLB Predictor is.

Well, I'm happy to show you:

What We've Done

Over the last few weeks (since our last update), I've been focusing solely on the MLB and patching up random bugs in the NBA/NFL Predictors.

In that time, here's a list of what we've done with respect to the MLB Predictor:

  • Setup the Post-Season to follow the MLB's 1, 5, 7, 7 format.
  • Added some tech that allows us to re-locate games to different parts of the schedule without it breaking your URL Save values
  • Improved the speed and performance dramatically over the early alpha version
  • Added randomizers (which was used for the above, nobody get out the pitch forks!)
  • Created an Updater bot to check for relocated games, as well as update our schedule nightly
  • Back-end changes to support the new system

What We Have Left To Do

If you want to read in-depth on what's required for MLB seeds and tiebreakers, please see the official MLB documentation on the topic here 

The Seeds and Tiebreakers

Right now, the MLB Predictor is using a modified version of the NBA Tiebreakers from our site. This is obviously not ideal, and one of our highest priorities over the next few weeks.

Since the MLB Tiebreakers differ so significantly from the NBA ones, you cannot trust our seeds unless a team wins their ranking outright. 

The MLB documentation outlines the various playoff scenarios that involving playing games against other tied teams -- none of these we handle today.

For example, the MLB uses a One-Game Wild Card Tiebreaker to break ties against teams that are tied for the Wild Card game. This has only happened 14 times total, and 4 times since 2000. This is not implemented, but our intention is to follow this tiebreaker through to the four-club ABCD designation as outlined in the MLB documentation linked above.

Division Standings

We currently show Games Back ("GB") relative to the Conference leader, not the individual Division Leaders. We want to bring the GBs up to what other sites show you.

The Bracket Output

Right now, the Bracket output will display, but will not be converted to an image.

Our Release Schedule

We're releasing a Closed Alpha Predictor immediately to all Patrons of any Tier (including AdBlock Absolution) with the above deficiencies noted. Only Patrons will be able to access/view the Predictor while it's in this phase, but you're free to share screenshots and descriptions of the Predictor.

As the Predictor nears a Closed Beta phase later this year, we're going to lock down interactions within it to only the $5+ Patrons, but your picks can be shared via the URL with non-patrons. They just won't be able to change your picks.

It will stay in Closed Beta until the 2019 MLB Season, where it will gradually transition to an Open Beta, similar to how the NBA Predictor is today.

As always, feel free to reach out to us on Discord or Twitter. We hope you all are as excited about adding a new Sport to the site as we are!