Team 8OARS Pre-Interview (2:50)
There are so many amazing people in the world when you take the time to stop and listen! I am always so surprised by the people who are occupying the same space as me.

Like this team of women who have decided to take on the Seventy48 Challenge. I intercepted them outside of a restaurant the evening before race start when I noticed that they were wearing matching outfits (Nuu-Muu's) 

Team member's ages range from 55 years to 74 years old and they are world record holders and champions, bakers, small business owners- Sunrise Coffee in Port Townsend, and the Whittakers (yes, that Whittakers). Listen for 3 minutes and laugh along with this good spirited group. 

Here's to hoping we catch them at the finish line in Port Townsend to hear how it all goes down. 

Go to Team 8OARS Finish Line Interview and Photo 

Team Members

Sue Ohlson

Dianne Roberts 

Sally Gielsen

Ann Wiltshire

Mari Friend

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