Mix 2-3 (roughs)
Now that I've got a half dozen pages for the Vx10 finished, it's time to turn my attention to the other side of the story. This is the first spread, in which our heroes Noah and Kurt skulk about the biological decks of the space station, looking for a place to set up camp. The bottom tier on the right is still in flux; I'm probably going to move the last drawing to the next page so I can have a sequence of Kurt tapping one of the huge vertical conduits that dominate this area.

(As with most of my roughs, this is pretty messy, and not really intended to make sense to anyone else but me.)

And here's the script I'm working from. Comments in parenthesis are my notes to myself about how to break Nick's script up into panels; I'm also the one who decides exactly where page breaks happen.


[We see the Mixolyne vessel attach to the station like a barnacle, followed by an extended interior shot of a service duct in the Vexalyne station's biodecks. Nothing happens for several frames, then the duct's cap puckers, shatters, and pops in towards the viewer. Immediately behind it is a fast-expanding membrane of mottled, lubricious grorange-colored frogskin that bursts into a bubble shape. The effect would be disgusting if it weren't in such cheerful colors.]

(Possibly the “nothing happens” is done by having a large shot of this duct that spreads over like two tiers and is broken into a couple panels. One continuous drawing, with gutters to suggest Time Passing.)


(Episode title caption: Crow Spring, Fish Moon, whatever weird name we give to this time unit?)


[After some stretching, swelling, and squeezing, KURT AND NOAH'S EXOFRAMES plop out, curled up like pill bugs. They unfurl and skitter into the station, leaving an airtight seal over the breach. At this stage of their journey, the SUITS haven't been fed properly in quite a while -- the Spinward is fairly nearby in case of *splat*, there just hasn't been time -- and are looking a little scraggly.]

[The exoframes skitter ominously through the biodecks, which are currently a tidy and orchard-like place full of well-behaved, largely parallel, discreet and neatly trimmed plants. They are good plants, the sort you'd want to take home to Mother and keep away from scurrilous space beatnik types.]

[After examining and rejecting a few vulnerable-looking spots in the decks' membranes, KURT SUIT sidles up to a cartilaginous pillar, feels around its anatomy with unsavory intimacy, and fires a nasty-looked, barbed injector dart into it. The dart remains connected to KURT SUIT via a somewhat tripey-looking duct. The pillar writhes and contorts for a moment like a novelty finger trap, then settles down. NOAH SUIT follows in similar fashion on a different shoot. The EXOFRAMES lie down in sphinx-like positions. KURT and NOAH hatch out of their respective cupolas and climb down.]

(Try to get the suits skittering through the biodecks and picking a spot into one big spread, mirroring the layout of the Vx10 story?)

And here's my roughs for page 1. Lots of background to design, with complicated things to convey, which absolutely never makes for any stress when contemplating how much work I'm gonna have to put into turning all these loose shapes into finished art, ever. Maybe someday I'll have done this enough that I'll be able to dispel that stress and the resultant procrastination. Someday,

Anyway. I'm aiming for getting these pages turned into finished art by the end of this month. Maybe earlier if I hit that critical mass of conceptual work sooner than I expect to. The next VX10 page is pretty close to done too, so you might see that popping up here.