This Week's Reviews - QSR week of 06/11/2018
Mon - Flash Fiction Online June 2018 (3 stories)

Tues - GigaNotoSaurus June 2018 (1 story)

Wed - Beneath Ceaseless Skies #253 (2 stories)

Thurs - Clarkesworld #141 (5 stories)

Fri - Strange Horizons [2 weeks] (2 stories, 2 poems)

Hi everyone! Sorry this is a little late (life continues to move way too fast for me and the weekend was full of Pride so I got a little behind). Anyway! The week!

I'm fully into June now, which means I'm looking at Flash Fiction Online and GigaNotoSaurus to start things off. Both other a lot to like. I think the Beaudette piece might be my slight favorite from FFO, and "Balloon Man" by Shiv Ramdas is rather delightful and I love the nested style of it. 

Beneath Ceaseless Skies kicks off it's June offerings with a new P. Djèlí Clark story and I just love the magic system it introduces. It mixes magic with psychology with assassins and secret societies and it's just good, people. Go out and read that one! Clarkesworld has a full line up, and the Spires story is a fun sci-fi adventure. I close things out with a look at Strange Horizons. The Ogawa story from last week is amazing! Just wonderful. And I can't wait to read the new issue, but as I write this it hasn't released yet. So.

In Patreon news, people have probably noticed that a lot of knights are happening. I have indeed begun releasing my novella, Perilous Knights, as a serial story for patrons. It's the first in a series that will star Lamorak and will grow to include more viewpoint characters over time. The sequel to that story, tentatively titled Questing Beasts, will be released as a serial after the first wraps up. I'll also be releasing the first in a series of shorter works (probably flash or a bit over) soon. The series is called From the Table of the Loser Knights and will focus on a number of lesser-known Arthurian figures in my reimagined setting.

I also have a drunken Give Yourself Goosebumps to get to, and I'm hoping to start that this coming weekend. So look out for the live-tweet of that! Otherwise, thank you all so much for your continued support. You make all of this possible and I just want you to know it means the world to me. I hope this Pride month is going well for you all. Cheers!

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