Originally, I was planning to draw V. Because, you know, V-Day (omg ... I'm sorry, I had to OTL). Maybe even V/Yoosung, because OTP, tbh. But Yooran got me like 100% rn and this ship seriously needs some contribution. SO HERE'S SOME YOORAN FLUFF FOR U! (O7O)

Headcanon that after a long, long period of healing and therapy and getting in good terms with himself again, Saeran realizes he's into that mix of slight emo and pastel goth he's wearing here and also enjoys bleaching and dyeing his hair, because wow, he can have cotton candy hair, okay? (Actually, Yoosung and him enjoy doing that together.)

... that's basically also the reason why he'll have said cotton candy hair in almost all my MysMe fanarts. He likes it. I like it. I think a huge part of the fandom likes it, haha.
Anyway, this is my way of mentioning that there'll be a lot more MM fanart in the near future. I hope I find the time to upload a few artworks this week, because another convention is coming(but also prints!! and I really hope you'll like them, aaahh qAq)~!

Made with:  Deleter Comic Book Paper (Type B), Deleter Neopiko-Line-3 (sepia), Sakura Pigma Brush (sepia), Copic Ciao, Pentel Hybrid Gel Grip, Sakura Gelly Roll