I just heard about this very upcoming Worldwide Catastrophe
Apparently the EU seriously wants to pass a Law that very much breaks the Internet as a whole, even worse than the US Net Neutrality issue.

They want to enforce that every Website that somehow publishes User Content (even things like Posts on Internet Forums and Wikipedia itself) is automatically monitoring said User content for Copyright Infringement (that would cost any small company about 900 Bucks a month), including the simple Linking of News Articles as cited Sources, or fair Quotes from News Articles, which are then ALSO protected by Copyright in favour of the Publisher (what was previously not the case).

This can only be stopped by the Parlament itself, meaning the only way we could stop it is complaining to the members of it, before it is too late.

I will link the most important Stuff about it here.



Also imagine you want to make a Forum for a Game or something (like I kinda want to), and you would need to pay 900 a month just to prevent users from posting copyright infringing content without your knowledge, even though you could just moderate said Forums yourself for free, and remove such things. Kinda impossible to pull off for any sort of StartUp.

Oh and this is Worldwide, because all large Companies will enforce EU Law on a global basis just to be save from it.

I hate having to do this sort of "awareness post" thing, but I only noticed this issue by accident, since most of the News are actively censoring this (because they actually lobbied for that law, even threatening politicians), and now its only 7 days left to stop it!

Im also very sure this would affect Patreon itself massively, if it would come to be.