SHIOGAMA WAVES, Book One: The Index


This is the index/master post to the COMPLETE Shiogama Waves, Book One! Chapters are hyperlinked!



 The year is Eiyu 32-- 2020, by the western calendar-- and Lieutenant Colonel Date Kagami, decorated war heroine and wayward trans woman warrior princess, has returned to her hometown of Sendai after 27 years in the Japanese Army. All is not well, for her estranged half-brother, the Governor, has struck up a diabolical bargain with powers beyond our world that threaten to unleash dark forces into Sendai.

Reunited with her former lover-- now a journalist and itinerant priestess-- Kagami finds herself at war once more, rallying humans and yokai alike to save her home.

The Oshu Mountains stand, but the battle is just beginning. #TakeBackOurMountains!

Chapter 1: Sparrows in Bamboo
Chapter 2: A Mean Right Hook
Chapter 3: Streams Rejoined
Chapter 4: You'll Thank Me in the Morning
Chapter 5: The Other Shiogama
Chapter 6: Braver Still
Chapter 7: Excuses
Chapter 8: A Running Firefight
Entracte: Public Notice
Chapter 9: The Oshu Mountains Indomitable
Chapter 10: War Council
Entracte: The Captive
Chapter 11: Watari
Entracte: The Runaways
Chapter 12: Screaming Arrow
Entracte: The Council
Chapter 13: Household Spirits
Chapter 14: The Night Before
Entracte: The Rescue
Chapter 15: Portentous Dreams
Entracte: Reinforcements
Chapter 16: The Maul
Entracte: Revelations
Chapter 17: The Battle Opens
Entracte: Setting the World Right Again
Entracte: Code Word "Kuroha"
Chapter 18: Awakening

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