Jamaica Family Trip 2018 Video Clips
We went on our first trip to a Beaches resort. We traveled to the Beaches Negril resort in Jamaica. We had a long day of traveling there and a long day of traveling home but it was well worth it.

Both Seth and Logan seemed to really enjoy their time at the resort. All of us was able to try activities, drinks and foods that we never had tried before. 

The trip is an expensive one but just travel cost to get there was about 40% of the trip costs. We liked how everything was included from food, drinks, activities to tips.

They have a large variety of foods to eat and drinks to order. Also there was a lot of things the boys could do from water sports to game rooms. 

The boys did say they liked the Disney cruise better in some ways such as they had a lot of friends to hang out with on the cruise. Here people were coming and going and hard for them to find some friends to hang with during the trip.

The best part was all the new items they boys tried and the different foods they ate. They also were able to see how some people live in another country and how lucky they are. 

If you want more details on the trip just drop me a note and I will let you know. Be sure to get a chance to see both videos of the Photos and the Video Clips. 

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