New Fiction: Rescue (Short Story)
This was a difficult story to write. In February 2017, when news broke that the Chechen Republic was rounding up queer men and imprisoning them in concentration camps, I - like so many - was devastated.

This story does one of the things that is hardest to demand of art: that it provide catharsis for the ills of our world. It is reflective and speculative, asking the holiest of questions in the human pursuit of art, ethics, morality, and advancement as a thinking creature: "What If?"

In this case, it is asking "What if the Sacred Band existed in a setting where queer people were being rounded up and put in concentration camps?"

The answer to that question has solved no real-world problems. But it has, perhaps, made it a little easier for me to keep fighting. It is aspirational, giving me something to set my sights on, in spite of (or perhaps even because of) it is entirely fictional.