Senpai and kouhai (・ω<)☆

I will post the note this weekend! Thank you <3


My awesome patrons will get

★ without watermark

★ full size, high-res

★ layered original PSD

★ all process steps drawing video

of this pic in the next rewards I'll post on the end of this month!

And, this pic will be published in special monthly art book Jun.2018!

Thank you so much for the support (∩´∀`)∩★

橘りた 💫 Tachibana Lita

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Bronze Patron
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Thank you for the support!
Silver Patron
$2 or more per month
- Without watermark, high-res, whole image, full size and more of manga pages/illustrations

- Commission priority

- You can request me

- You can ask me anything from Q&A post
- Access notes about my creating / personal life

- Access live streaming

- Get my web store (tictail) discount code

- Early access to new web comics first in the world!

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- Wips, process pics 

- Drafts, studies and also silly doodles!

- Access "LENS" posts (Like Instagram Story)
+Plus all previous rewards!

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- Layered original PSD

- Scan data

- Completed manga PDF

- All full drawing videos

- Access all live drawing streaming archives
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- Monthly patrons only physical special art book

+ Plus all previous rewards

+ EXTRAS (All published books, Thank you card drawings, the prints, postcards and more!!!)

* When over 10 Diamond patrons, I edit $60 → $40 , thanks!

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