Introducing CULT GAMES

So it's time to make it official: I have started a dev studio, and we're already working on our first two games (simultaneously, in different genres). We've been talking about it for a while on Discord, and Robbie/Robomoo, who was the first to join me and take charge of coding duties, has been living and working with me in Tenerife for the past couple of weeks, but it was only yesterday that we produced our first piece of content that convinced me that, yes, we can do this thing, and we can do it well.

So I am making this post to:

1. Announce the establishment of CULT GAMES to the world.

2. Put out a call to ambitious and talented lovers of game development to get in touch if they think that they have (or could acquire) any kind of skills whatsoever that might aid us in making bigger, deeper, and better games, and finance and market them to the world. Our first games will be in old and relatively simple genres, but we have ambitions to grow to make huge games some day, and the sooner the better, so there is really no limit to the amount of talent we can absorb and put to good use, pretty much immediately, and certainly over the long run. And, optionally, if you are REALLY serious about joining us, consider moving to Tenerife and working with us in person on a daily basis, or even living with us: we currently have one free room in our apartment, and are willing to move to a bigger place, or even a different country in order to expand while lowering costs and make our funds stretch further (we have discussed the Czech Republic and Ukraine, among other candidates).

3. Announce an extra reward for Patreon Sponsors ($25+ tier), in addition to existing ones, that essentially turns you into a playtester for us with access to the private #cultdev text channel on Discord where advance info on and materials and playable versions of CULT games will be regularly shared with you for as much or as little feedback as you care to give. I know that the most diehard followers of Insomnia and my work also have the most experience and best taste in games (I could tell by the Steam profiles, if I hadn't been playing games with them for years anyway), so I have full confidence that any feedback you care to share will be valuable, and I will take it seriously under consideration.

And that's all I had to say for the moment. Now it's back to work for us here at CULT GAMES, and look for the first piece of content from us to be shared soon.

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