Storenvy shop open
I think most of you have heard about the recent changes on Etsy. The most important one is that the fee on a sale is lifted from 3.5% to 5%. Another thing is that the fee is also calculated on shipping. There is a lot of anger in the Etsy community about this. It is too much, to short notice, not fair on already high shipping in some cases and just plain greedy.

I've always been looking around for another platform to sell on, but up until now there was none not cheaper or lucrative than Etsy. Storenvy now seems rather equal to Etsy, so I've opened a shop there with my standard shipping cost. I'll have to up the ones on Etsy to not drown in fees, if they go through with it.

Know that on all orders above 100 euro, I have paid 5 euro shipping myself to lower your costs. This will happen again on Storenvy, not on Etsy. Just being honest. There is always the possibility to order via email.

Etsy has made it very clear now they do not want to support small creatives any more. They just want to cash on slightly bigger near factories.

I'm keeping the Etsy shop open. It still has it's benefits.