After The Wicked + The Divine #36 gave us a teasing glimpse at every Pantheon from the first through to today, Tim did the only sensible thi
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Each month, Tim + Alex will get one of your delicious dollars each. In return, you will have our eternal gratitude for helping to fund TWATD and, which will remain free for everyone.
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Plus: access to all exclusive Patreon content, and our eternal gratitude.

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If we get at least one backer at this tier, every month, Tim + Alex will take it in turns to do requests.  We'll run a poll (with write-in options) on a piece of exclusive content. An extra essay, review, themed mixtape... You tell us. 

Plus: all exclusive Patreon content, a thank-you doodle when you pledge, and even more eternal gratitude than the above.

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