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Depletion and Replenishment

When we get depleted, we have little to no energy to do the ordinary things required to maintain our life, much less the stretch activities we want to do to make life changes. 

Below, you'll find materials explaining Depletion and Repletion, and tools and resources to help you strategize maintaining your current energy level and gradually shifting your activities to support your overall wellbeing. Julia Kelliher, founder of Skills for Change Coaching, identified the Depletion/Repletion Scale and created some of the materials.

1) "How to Recognize Depletion and Create a Life of Plenitude": The depletion chapter from Access to Power, A Radical Approach for Changing Your Life walks you through the history of the Depletion Scale and teaches you how to work with it to create a more energized life. Written by me.

2) The Depletion/Repletion Chart: : This document describes the states of depletion and repletion.ints on the scale to help you identify how depleted or replenished you are currently feeling. Created by Julia Kelliher.

3) Depletion/Repletion Description: This document describes the states of depletion and repletion. Written by Julia Kelliher.

4) Depletion/Repletion Chart: This chart invites you to write down how you feel and what kinds of actions you tend to take when you are at a particular state on the depletion/repletion scale. There is space to consider what activities might be replenishing. Once you know they are actually replenishing at this energetic state, you can write them into the three boxes. After experiencing each state and filling out the chart accordingly, you will eventually have a page full of descriptive information about your particular feelings and behaviors at each level of depletion and repletion, and what you can do to get further replenished from there. It's important to fill out the chart when you are at the energetic state, and not when you are guessing. This way, the suggestions will actually be replenishing, instead of our idea of what "should" be replenishing. For example, taking a fitness class might normally be replenishing when you are replete, but might actually further deplete you when you are lower on the depletion scale. Created by me.

5) Replenishment Strategies: This document offers a list of suggestions for getting replenished. It might help you come up with an idea for what to do to replenish when you are struggling to make a plan for dealing with your depletion. Created by me and my students.

6) The Rescue Dynamic Diagram: I included this diagram because it shows the Depletion/Repletion scale at the left side of the page to remind you that cooperation requires energy to be successful, and sometimes we don't have enough energy to do anything but rescue. Also to remind us that rescue can be depleting, since we are expending energy without an agreement that it is mutually desired behavior. Drawn by Miranda Currie, envisioned by me.

7) YouTube Depletion and Replenishment Playlist: All the videos I've made about depletion and replenishment.


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