Episode 79 - James Eggleston of Power Ledger on Decentralization & Resilience
This week’s guest is James Eggleston, research and business development at Power Ledger, a blockchain software company helping the world build a resilient decentralized electrical utilities networks that’s more resistant to the turbulence of our century – and lets all of us participate in and earn from distributed power production.

Power Ledger:





We Discuss:

• The history of dematerialization and the shift from things to data;

• The logic and practice of decentralizing our infrastructure;

• Why solar makes more sense than coal, no matter what you believe;

• How we’re going to build a distributed global renewable energy market;

• How we can have a tech-positive attitude and answer to existential risk (ie, the Yellowstone Supervolcano, super solar flares, massive cyberattacks, etc.);

• How James integrates the principle of resilience into his whole life – in particular, his commitment to intense physical training and meditation, including “Hell Week” special forces training;

• How to shape an “integral life practice” and the importance of balancing all of the areas of personal development in your life;

• James’ academic research into an open source governance framework for energy-independent and hyper-locally managed apartment communities;

• The role of industry and government in innovation;

• How Power Ledger utilizes a two-token system to ensure fair market pricing for electricity and still provide a return for equity investors;

• How are utility tokens are different from cryptocurrencies;

• And the future of smart - even INTELLIGENT - cities AND villages!

“You can have electricity without an economy, but you can’t have an economy without electricity.”

“If you look at global spending on electricity, more money is going into renewables than any other source.”

“When you push yourself to the point where you want to stop, that’s where it starts. And the way that you grow your resilience is by putting yourself in that uncomfortable situation. So from my perspective, I try to put myself in that situation every day.”

“We [Power Ledger] see this as an evolution, not an extinction event.” 

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