Hi-Res Annihilator For $10+ Backers
Howdy everyone! So, a whole lot of you are pledging at the $10/month level or above which is very generous. And I know that y'all are doing that because you really believe in the work I'm trying to do here and many of you have told me you don't need any extra rewards. But even still, I've been trying to think of more ways I can show how grateful I am for the extraordinary monthly support. Right now, once payment is confirmed, folks who pledge $10+ get to download a free copy of any new Kindle e-books I make for free (as well as the Kindle version of Artifice that I already made). But since I'm not creating new Kindle books every month, I just thought of something else I could offer: high-res files of the Full Monty Annihilator art! Once Patreon has told me that your payment has cleared (they let me know on the 5th), I'll send a direct email out to all $10+ Patrons with a link to download a hi-res JPEG of Full Monty Annihilator over black and also a hi-res JPEG of Fully Monty Annihilator with the new background. These files have double the resolution of the mobile wallpaper links I posted so you'll really be able to appreciate the loving detail that Rum-Locker put into every part of this work. In addition to that, because these files don't have to be iPhone size, you'll get the full view of the background Rum-Locker created, with nothing cropped out! Patreon charges your cards/PayPal at the end of the month. These high-res, NSFW downloads of Full Monty Annihilator will just be available for Patrons who successfully supported this Patreon at the $10 level or above for the month of March—they won't be offered next month, no matter what—so please make sure your payment method is all squared away right now if this sounds like something you'd want. I really don't want any of you to miss out! If it turns out y'all like this extra reward, then next month, I'll email $10+ Patrons links to high-res JPEGs for a different Full Monty image I've got cooking. And if things as planned, it will mean that every month, $10+ Patrons will get new high-res files they can download. Just as a way for me to say thank you for your continued, extraordinary support in making this work possible. I hope you like this new reward I've come up with. Y'all have now gotten me within $300 of being able to work on these stories for you full time and I'm very grateful for your support. Now that I've finished the big day-job project, I'm again able to put my attention on making cool, new The Young Protectors stuff. Right now, I've got that new Full Monty art cooking and I've started another fun short story that I hope to be able to share with you soon. Thank you again for your amazing support. Stay tuned. Fun stuff is ahead! :)
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