When the lioness charged, we put into action what we had already been taught that day. We shouted, “Shhhh!” When that didn’t work, we froze.
Tier Benefits
One Dung Beetle: extracting sense from nonsense
$1 or more per month
Like a dung beetle finding gold in . . . ., you will find sense in the weekly Nonsense At Work Mind-Shift (That's right. Four issues per month. The first few issues will explain why dung beetles, lionesses, Trojan Horses and elephants matter when it comes to nonsense.) PLUS a copy of The Nonsense Manifesto PLUS a copy of Don’t Ever Say Never (which will help you benefit from the power of your historic nonsense).
Two Dung Beetles: double the sense from nonsense
$2 or more per month
All the nonsense included in One Dung Beetle PLUS the MP3 radio files related to each Nonsense At Work Mind-Shift. Each radio piece is exactly 60 seconds long and thus, believe it or not, it will only take you one minute to enjoy a possible nonsense mind-shift moment. (A number of my clients and fans who own some of these MP3 files tell me that they listen to them in the car on the way to work. It prepares them to face the daily nonsense at work.) 
The Lioness: scaring you into seeing the sense in nonsense
$3 or more per month
All the nonsense included in Two Dung Beetles PLUS at least 2 of the following every month: various PDF 'articles' (from one page to no more than 10 pages in length) PLUS talks I have given presented to you in PDF format with sound PLUS sample chapters or concepts from the books in progress.
The Trojan Horse: inviting you behind my gates and walls
$5 or more per month
All the nonsense included in The Lioness PLUS you will immediately get a copy of my book Crossing Your Nonsense Divide: Steps to finding your path to a successful life (see it on Amazon or Barnes & Noble) in (almost) any digital format of your choice PLUS edited chapters of the books as I write them for you to review and comment on (edited means that my editor has used her red pen at least once) PLUS free copies of the books in (almost) any digital format of your choice, before they are published PLUS your name included in the acknowledgement section to show that your comments and feedback helped shape the final book(s) PLUS if the books are never published, for whatever reason, you will, at a minimum, get copies of all chapters that have been edited at least once, and possibly a copy of the 'finished' book(s) in unpublished format.
The Elephant: coaching you to remember to forget nonsense
$80 or more per month
All the nonsense included in The Trojan Horse PLUS one coaching session per month -- executive leadership coaching, work-related coaching or nonsense  mind-shift coaching -- whatever you need or want. These sessions will last from  60-90 minutes, depending on the nature of the particular session. (Additional monthly sessions can be purchased as needed.) Note that $80  is not my normal coaching rate. It is offered only to the first 5 Elephant Patrons.

Your first step will be to complete the Strategic Change Questionnaire. Based on your answers and our first session, you and I might decide that my coaching approach or process is not 'right' for you. If so, your $80 will be refunded and your membership cancelled.

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