Hello, dear friends, and hope you are well. Below you'll find important updates, which concern everyone!


I want to let you all know that I have several drafts of articles and posts I was getting ready to post, but I have injured my arm. My arm is now beginning to heal, but it still proves hard to type with only '1 and 1/2 arms' available to me at this moment. I still have several Trump/ Russia/ Ukraine/ Novorossia/ Moldova articles in the pipeline, which will be appearing as soon as I can finish them, possibly starting tomorrow. 

The Earth Shift is continuing and accelerating, even when we take a break. We have to keep up, no matter what. ;)

I also planned a big Annual Announcements & Updates post on Patreon. However, I realized that since we are entering a major eclipse and retrograde season this summer, there is no point in posting BIG 2018-19 updates now,  as much will change between today and the end of August. Reality, aided by astrology and other celestial sciences, has a way of correcting our plans. 

In this post I am giving you some crucial and immediate updates and announcements. The biggest and long-term ones will come in September. 

2. YOU MAY HAVE NOTICED that we have a more streamlined PATRON REWARDS schedule on the right info bar. It says that Supporters will get 1-2 posts a week, Patrons 3-4, etc. This is generally the plan, as I try to streamline my work schedule. I also want to be equitable to each and every one of you based on contribution. 

At this point I am not adhering yet to this plan since June has been my PATRON APPRECIATION MONTH. I'll continue posting more articles and posts till some time next week. 

Then we'll take a few days off and resume after July 3 or 4. 

Some of you will be off for July 4th long weekend. But as I said, I still have a number of posts in the pipeline, and they'll continue coming. Don't miss them!


You also may have noticed that I have taken off some of the GOALS on the left info bar. The only ones left are the 100 and 1500 patron goals. This is not because I want to give you, my loyal supporters, less. No! It is because I want to give you MUCH MORE! And you will see what I mean if you continue reading this post! 

The goals, depending on a number of patrons, is Patreon requirement -- not mine. I have found it restricting and unfair to the most loyal and amazing people who have been supporting me from the start. The Patreon way is rewarding those who are fly by night and those who joined the latest.

I want to reward those who have been with me the longest and therefore deserve my best rewards and best attention! 

Loyalty and faithfulness are some of the things I deeply appreciate. They calibrate on the level of 500 - LOVE. 

Therefore, I refuse to play the numbers game everyone in the West in general and Patreon in particular is so fond of! I'd rather have fewer Patrons, but those who really are on the same page with me, and who truly value and appreciate what I am giving them. Such people will always get more!

Some of you may have already heard this during our consultations:

As one of the new rewards, which are MERIT BASED, not number of patrons based, will be the new Lada Ray Q&A, where patrons can ask me any questions. The Q&A of my latest webinar, ESW10, was sort of a pilot for the future LADA RAY Q&A. 

I was hoping to introduce this new reward in June. But as you've read above and as you'll read below, some astrological and other events have interfered. Therefore, the Q&A start is going to happen in September. This will also give everyone more time to re-group and think it through. I will announce the topics and details in early September. Please stay tuned!

I will be thinking of even more ways to reward my best patrons. Remember, the longer you are with me, the more you'll get! 

 Below you'll see more great rewards I have developed for you! 


The unusually big and life-changing retrograde/eclipse season is starting tomorrow, when Mars, a very rare occurrence, goes retrograde. In July-August we will have Mars and Mercury retrograde almost simultaneously, plus 3 major eclipses. All very intense and unusual. 

That's why I am postponing any major changes and big announcements till September, as well as till later in the year. 

This is the banner for ESR19, which you can purchase HERE: 

Earth Shift Report 19: 
Global Banking & Financial System Shift: Saturn in Capricorn 2018-2020 Predictions

But this full report is FREE to LADA RAY PATREON PATRONS: read it HERE! 




In addition to the June appreciation month, I am preparing a new reward, or, let's call it, a gift for you. 

In the beginning of July I'll post my 

ASTROLOGICAL REPORT on all major changes, eclipses & retrogrades!

This is a special reward for my loyal and long term supporters on Patreon! 


In this series I calibrate and interpret the condition and energy of various COUNTRIES/LEADERS/ARMIES

This new feature started informally in February, when we calibrated N/Korea and Kim Jong-un. Recently, we expanded on N. Korean army and Calibrated US/Trump/US Army. 

The continuation of this feature has been slightly delayed due to all the geopolitical/predictive articles I am currently posting. 

This will be a long-term ongoing reward for all my PATRONS and GOLD/DIAMOND PATRONS. 

We resume this new QC series next week and it will be an ongoing weekly feature. 

Next Wednesday, in keeping with the week's theme, we'll calibrate Ukraine/Poroshenko/Ukraine army. Next, early in July we'll do Donbass (DPR/LPR). 

Later in July-August we'll proceed to NATO and various EU countries. 

In September-October we'll calibrate China and Russia, as well as post-Soviet space. We'll also do some other countries as well, such as Turkey, Iran, the BRICS. Look for more info in upcoming QC post on Ukraine.

There is still much to calibrate in our world, so stick around. After this series there will be more!


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The issue of multidimensional healing, cleansing and activation comes up a lot during Lada Ray Consultations. In fact, it is one of the most requested questions. I can tell you that because of the kind of reality we live in, ALL of us need healing and periodic maintenance, as well as tuning and activations. 

This program has been in the works for a while. Most recently I've been working on how to best present it. 

This will be a multi-month new special award for my loyal GOLD/DIAMOND PATRONS. In this program I will combine the full 4-part series of the amazing Tibetan Healing Chod together with multidimensional energy body healing and guidance.

I'll also explain how our energy body works and dispel some latest hoaxes and illusions (such as removing your chakras, etc). Moreover, I have gathered a number of very special images, which will help us focus and replenish our energy, as we go. We'll talk remedies, crystals and more.

The complete Healing Chod sound program in my possession is extremely rare and special. It is NOT what you can purchase anywhere. It is our private and unique recording made on one very special occasion, performed by the original team of very special and amazing Buddhist monks, in energetically pure, healing environment, of which I'll also tell you during the program. 

It is truly the best energy out there and it's incredibly, out-of-this-world effective. I have not seen a program as effective as this one, and the best thing: you can do it by yourself at home! You can heal with it your dear ones as well - something that also comes up a lot during consultations. 

This healing program will be multi-prong and I will enrich it with awesome visuals, motivational affirmations, I'll give you tips and my wisdom, and I'll reveal some of my secrets -- all in the months that follow. 

And by the way, I will take this program together with you. As we heal, cleanse and tune-up our energy bodies together, we will be able to share our impressions in the Patreon comment section (as you know, these are private and can only be accessed by people in your Tier or above). You can also ask me questions. 

I'll tell you more details when we begin the program, which I'll announce separately. 

I also want to say that I understand that not everyone can contribute $25 or more a month. For now, the MULTIDIMENSIONAL HEALING & ACTIVATION is only available to the few Gold/Diamond Patrons. 

However, I will consider making it available to everyone as a new separate HEALING PROGRAM/CONSULTATION. I will begin making these decisions in September. 

By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 519 exclusive posts
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 519 exclusive posts
Audio releases