Here is my first interview with Ladislav “Nefarit” Štojdl, Project leader of Team 21. We talked about his debut game called Dungeons Of Aledorn. 1. Before we start with the questions about DoA, can you share a few details about yourself, and your studio? TEAM 21 is a new and relatively small group of indie developers. We currently have 12 members, most of whom work part-time. In the team you’ll find a game designer, 2 programmers, 4 graphic designers, translator, composer, PR and a few other members. In the field of games, where we basically newcomers, the experience of some members of the team are invaluable. Especially in the area of ​​video and film. Our office is located in the center of Prague in the Czech Republic, where we have our motion capture studio, which we have used many times to create motions for DoA. Then there’s the editing director‘s room, a soundproof sound booth, sound and video recording studio with green screen and much more. Who wants to know more, I recommend that you find one of the older FlashNews on our site "Focused on Team 21" from 26.11. 2014, this’ll give you an introduction to our studio. 2. Can you share a few details about DoA for new readers, and what makes the game stand out from other RPG games? Dungeons of Aledorn is based on classic dungeon styled RPGs and combines them with plenty of modern elements. The result is a unique game that none of today's RPG games look or play like. A game that can be seen as similar to the DoA is Shadows over Riva, from which DoA, among others has been inspired a source of inspiration. DoA is unique in that it combines a first-person exploring mode, so familiar from the classic dungeon based RPGs with a tactical battle based on a hexagon field. The whole game will be in the most realistic and as fantastical world that we can afford. We’ve added large amounts of other elements (alchemy, a special camp system, for example), thus we created a unique game. 3. When we can see the beta version? A Beta version of the game is scheduled for Q2 2016. Beta version should already be more or less complete game (at least the main lines) with a minimum of major bugs. Therefore we envision that the game won’t be near a finalised beta state until this late. 4. Why you decided to go on Kickstarter and is this your first game on Kickstarter Kickstarter has now become a major phenomenon and very attractive for indie projects. With so many eyes from around the world paying the attention, a successful campaign on Kickstarter will bring you much more than just money. It gives you invaluable advertising and that is exactly what this game needs. There are a lots of titles published, though of course PC considerably less than on mobile devices. Even so, the competition is great and not easy to succeed. Therefore it is ,of course, important to have a good and interesting game, and when you put it on Kickstarter to tell the world,it helps market the game. The second answer is money. All who are working on DoA, are doing it as a secondary career. Each of one us is doing something else to survive, we can say that most of us involved in the DoA development are part time. Which, of course, strongly inhibits the development. If we manage to get the money together from Kickstarter, it’d help with the basics, like buy food it, keeping the wolves from the door and so on. It would be much easier being able to pour in the time needed to develop such an ambitious title. DoA is actually the debut title of Team 21, so it is also the first game we’ve taken to KS. 5. Can you share some details about the Kickstarter campaign or they will stay in shadow until launch date? Of course, I see no reason to hide anything. Perhaps the biggest attraction will be playable prototype combat. For all Backers we do plan a playable demo of a battle, that’ll showcase our system, the transition from first-person perspective into the hex based battle board. We plan also on some interesting rewards. E.g. Such as one of the tiers will offer to capture your own movements in our motion capture studio, or hand painted oil paintings from the DoA environment. Where stretch goals are concerned, you can look forward to localization in multiple languages, complete voiceover for characters and more side quests. If we manage to overfund (like by hundreds percent of the amount requested) we will make in the game a campaign where you can plays as the orcs, where actually the main aim is to stop the group of adventurers to win the war from the original campaign of the game. Thanks so much for talking to us, and we're looking forward to the next great RPG game! Also thank you for the questions. on behalf of Team 21 Nefarit Check out the developer's website!