Robert. Jeff Yee and I have conspired to write a paper that validates/vindicates your New Magnetism and New Induction equations. As you may know, Jeff is working on a very interesting wave model of particles and has his own "equations" for his model. Jeff was very excited when I pointed him to your work because he was trying to connect his equations to Maxwell's equations but couldn't figure out how. But he could easily connect his equations to your equations which, in my mind, supersedes Maxwell's equation. What we did was we showed how both the mainstream equations and your equations can be derived down to identical wave equations which proves that your equations and mainstream equations are equivalent. There's a lot more to it than that but you will have to see for yourself. Jeff is going to be presenting this paper at a conference this Friday and so he will be sending you a copy of the paper very soon. I think (and hope) you will be very pleased with what we have done. We need to get your work and your name out there ASAP which is why we decided to write this paper. So keep a look out for an email from Jeff Yee in the next couple of days. Lori
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