End of the Month Announcement (a July & August Experiment!)
After conferring with Patrons (hi), I'm really excited to add a new perk for the $100+ tier. This is going to be my July/August (two months, since it's July is a quiet/slow month) experiment! 

Run Lines With Me

When I have auditions, or class work, I need to prep, we'll schedule a call and review material. 

This perk is really subject to availability (when I have auditions, when you're available) & can be somewhat low-notice, so I'll put out a call and the quickest/easiest availability will probably nab it, but I'll do my best to spread it around. 

So I'm perfectly clear: this perk may skip a month-- it requires your flexibility. I can't help that! I wish I had 12+ pages of lines every week, but sometimes... I just don't. 

If you're not cool with that level of flexibility (ie, you want your perks reliably every month), that's okay - get in touch, we'll figure something out, or I'll direct you to a different tier. :)

Some quick guidelines:

This is not an acting workshop, please be respectful and don't try to give direction. You are also (likely) seeing very, very unfinished & early work -- this is NOT at performance level -- so please refrain from giving input or judging. Our meetings need to be a safe space for me to work, which may mean I try something and fail. 

Why is this priced so high?

I had thoughts about this too. I wasn't sure if this was a $50 level perk or a $100. I chose to go for the higher tier because I think this kind of super behind the scenes work really requires a high level of commitment (and trust) on both sides. It's also important that I don't spread myself too thin. 

...Okay! I think that's it. The tier is now live & you can upgrade at will -- but do remember, Patreon runs again on the first! Let me know in the comments if you like this perk and if you're planning to nab it! I wanna knooooow.

PS: To celebrate my amazing Year of Patreon (can you believe it's been a year since I kicked this thing into high gear?!), Patrons who have been with me for over a year should keep an eye out for a special August surprise.