1972 AMC Javelin AMX Defiant! (Exclusive)


Just in time for Christmas! 

You can hardly tell but this car used to be a plain '72 AMC Javelin AMX... that is untill the RingBrothers did their thing and turned it into the most brutal 1,036 HP muscle car you have ever seen!

PS. To make it more realistic I've attached the Illinois plate to this post. Add it to your veshare.ytd file.


[General info

Model: CSR 2

Color 1: Body
Color 2: Body 2
Color 4: Calipers, Interior, Hood stripes (bodymod)

(3,51MB) defiant.yft
(5,37MB) defiant.ytd
(5,10MB) defiant_hi.yft 

LOD0 217.156 polygons / 160.681 vertices
LOD1 147.986 polygons / 105,558 vertices


  • LODs (2) (CSR 2 does not have more LODs)
  • HQ Exterior 
  • HQ Interior 
  • HQ Enginebay, boot and doorsills 
  • Real life light setup 
  • LED headlight 
  • Dirt mapping 
  • Livery support (template included, including windows) 
  • Breakable glass (including front and rear lights)
  • Dials


  • Dark Highlights (instead of PAINT:2)
  • Hood Stripes (PAINT:4 instead of white)


Add-on spawn: defiant
Replace: not included due to missing LODs and suitable replace car

Buy now for $5 (if this is your 1st car or rim pack).
Buy now for $4 (if this is your 2nd car or rim pack).
Buy now for $3 (if this is your 3rd+ car or rim pack).

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