Newt Friend (22 June)

Red Eft Mini (2021) // Edits >> 

I don't know if it's the same newt, but it's out there crossing the road probably 2-3 mornings out of the week.

I recently attended Lisa Brooks' talk @ Keene on regional indigenous continuity.  She reminds us that many of the reptiles & amphibians we see smashed on our roadways are simply following very old pathways that new roadways interrupt & endanger.

What I call "my road" has been a human path for only a couple hundred years.  "Newt Friend" might very well be wondering what the heck these giant new interlopers are up to lately.

PS. Now there's another subject worthy of some study -- Newts?  Red efts?  Red spotted newts?  Everyone calls 'em by different names.  Wikipedia to the rescue: 

Well there you go -- so the striking orange critters I meet along my road are basically ramblin' teenagers, out looking for a new home.

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