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One Page Dungeon 5 - The Broken Dam
Hello, friends, supporters, Denizens of the Tower, and random internet people.

Here's the fifth installment of the one-page-dungeon series. The objective is to create self-contained adventures/dungeons with all things necessary to spawn fun adventures in a single page.  The adventures are system neutral so no rules or mechanics are included.

This adventure is about a band of hobgoblins that take over a dam/fort. A few of the guards are still alive inside, taken prisoners. The hobgoblins' plan is to break the dam to flood the communities to the south without destroying the fort part on top of it. This is a very bad plan. 

This resource is available to all thanks to the support of my followers on this website. Please consider taking a look at my work and chipping in. The zip file below includes:

  • PDF and JPG versions of OP5.
  • Black and White version for happy printers
  • Map-only versions for printing or Roll20.

Thank you for reading this far and supporting my work,

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