Sexy Old Muscle cars!!
I did it!  Believe it or not, I created the entire Old Muscle Patina website in just 5 hours, from 3 to 8 am this morning, while I had internet allowance, lol.

And after that rush, I still cannot sleep...!

But I have so many IDEAS, so many things I want to add, to create... not just for this project, but for Thor's Woods (nature stuffs)... and MAYBE my other sites, but I gotta admit, OMP is top on my list of excitement, and all the video production going on "behind the scenes" to make OMP vids and others...  Lovin' it!!  :D

I am looking forward to introducing you to Mr. D!

Just over a year ago now, my Mate and I got Mr. D, our one ton diesel flatbed pickup truck, so that we could either build a camper on the flatbed... or pull a camper like we've done so far.  For the past year, we've been "homeless nomads" and I want to share some stories from the past year...

And I cannot wait to continue traveling with my Mate, meeting fellow muscle lovers everywhere we go, hopefully adding to the Old Muscle Patina site with vids and stills of some of these amazing peeps and their sweet rides.

And OF COURSE some great PATINA shots!!

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