RPG Maker / Lust Grimm Patching Guide

You should only need to follow this guide once, after the files are extracted you can just follow step 8 to overwrite the folder with our patch each time we release one!


If you have issues with the game, the most common issue is that you don't have JP locale installed which means it won't extract correctly using JP filenames and filepaths.

1. Download Lust Grimm from DLSite: [English] | [Japanese]

2. Download RPG Maker All Decrypter: [Google Drive]

3. Extract RJ198900 .zip (or whatever your Lust Grimm/RPG Maker Game zip is called)

4. Run RPG Maker All Decrypter.exe

5. In RPG Maker All Decrypter click File → Open File and select “Game.rgss3a” in the Lust Grimm folder, you should then see the files within Game.rgss3a

6. Click the “Tools” tab and then “Extract All Files”

7. You should now have a folder called “Extract” in the same location as “RPG Maker All Decrypter.exe” within this folder should be all the extracted files, for Lust Grimm this is just two folders, “Data” and “Graphics”. Move these two folders to the Lust Grimm folder and then delete or rename “Game.rgss3a”.

8. Now that your game files are extracted all you need to do is drag our patch folders over the top of the ones in your Lust Grimm folder, click “Yes” when prompted to merge folders. After that prompt another prompt will appear asking you if you want to replace all files, check the box in the bottom left “Do this for all conflicts” and then click Replace.

In the future you should only need to do step 8 to apply the latest version of our translation!

Let us know if you have any issues or if we can make this guide easier to understand.