Distant Realms and Planar Adventures, plus more hyperlinks!
Hello Pathfinder friends!

Today's update has a couple of new books from the far beyond: 

[Campaign Setting] Distant Realms 

[RPG] Planar Adventures 

In addition to all the great content with those, we're very happy to announce that code has finally been put in place that will allow us to start adding hyperlinks on all the various pages of the website (you can see some of this in place already - check out the new Divine Gift entries on the core 20 deities, all the listed spells now have links back to their full entries).

That said, while it's nice to have the code ready, there's still a ton of places to apply it! We need to go back through the database and add some "wrappers" (tags before and after where we want the link). If you'd like to help and know of pages that could use some hyperlinks, feel free to call them out in the comments below or shoot us an email ([email protected])!

We hope you enjoy all the new content and features; stay tuned for more!