My new portable 6x8 Belly River pochade box by Alla Prima I'm getting my new set up ready for painting outside this weekend. We are planning on joining a friend out at her yert studio at Hagg Lake, OR. This will be my first time painting a model outdoors. I haven't used this particular pochade box yet. It's a small one. It reminds me of the cigar box easels that I have used in the past when painting small. I also got some small Rosemary brushes to keep with it. I usually like using a glass palette with a neutral grey background. It helps see the colors without too much contrast. I went ahead and also posted some pictures to show how I prepare the palettes. Its an easy way to use extra glass laying around that come from store bought frames which always include a glass. It also makes it super easy to clean with a blade glass scraper. Some artists like using the grey palette paper for the grey tone and disposability, but I prefer mixing on glass. I also own a 11x14 Yellow Stone Pochade them and have really enjoyed it. I just kept wishing for a smaller on and finally ordered one with a sale I had in November. It usually takes a month or two to order since he makes them by hand and has a waiting list. So worth the wait. They are so well constructed and I love the magnetic features. Highly recommend them.