The Insomnia Podcast
So I want to do a little podcast series for Insomnia. Every now and then I'll be inviting a reader for a freeform chat about games. You can come prepared with notes and/or questions, or you can just show up and start chatting. Anything at all related to games is valid subject matter. There won't be any pressure to produce anything. The chat may last ten minutes, or it may go on for hours. If something interesting comes out of it, we'll publish it; if not, we won't.

I am sure you've seen me trash video "essays" and "podcasts", so you may be wondering why the change of heart. There really isn't one. I never had anything against chatting; I am only against replacing writing with chatting or with clowning on video. Obviously, I won't be replacing writing, so for me it's not an issue. I have always enjoyed chatting about games with friends, but since my school and university friends have all drifted off, and since none of them were passionate enough about games to keep up with me and my work throughout the years anyway, I figure why not replace those old friends with my readers, who know a lot more about games and follow my work closely?

This won't be my first attempt at a podcast. The PA Podcast (with Nosebreaker and icycalm) produced two fantastic episodes, if I may say so myself (note that the first episode's play button doesn't work and you will need to download it; I need to fix that at some point). What that short-lived project convinced me of was that a serious chat with people who are at any rate somewhere near my level in terms of passion and knowledge for the subject matter can provide value in parallel with my essays, and even feed into them, on occasion. In my chats with Nosebreaker, for example, he helped me understand to a deeper level why the lowering of the T2 factory costs in PA: Titans was a very bad change for the game, and one of the three sections in my subsequent essay on my PA mod [ > ] is devoted to explaining this. That doesn't mean that I expect every one of my readers to be an expert on a game I love, and help me understand it better. Your questions on my essays and positions can be just as valuable if they inspire me to find alternate ways to explain myself, or even to merely rephrase explanations I've already given. A good chat can skip across and briefly touch on many subjects, some of them previously unknown or unexplored, by making surprising connections and associations between them, and that's what I ultimately hope to achieve with this series, and later leverage it in my essay-writing. And besides all that, a good chat about things you love with people who also love them is plain fun, so why not do it?

So if you can read this post, you are eligible to come on the show. All you have to do is post below that you are interested, and I will get in touch to arrange a time with people on a first-come first-served basis. Make sure you are on Discord too [ > ], because that's where we'll conduct the chats (via the direct call feature).

I am sure this new project will turn out great, and I can't wait to get it started. I hope y'all will enjoy the results, regardless of whether you choose to participate.

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