Super OSW Level 15!
Eatin' sushi in Japan, but there ain't no place like Super Mario Land!  Super OSW Level 15 now on the audio feed! Jay's videogame music radio show returns with 2 hours of pixelly goodness, including Far Cry 5, Detroit: Become Human, Transistor, Sexy Brutale and more! 

Show page + track listing: 

Download 320kbps mp3 & FLAC: CLICK HERE! 


Show notes:
DC pulled the wonder woman flash game from their website (GRRRRRRR!) so I used a clip of a fanmade game instead.  
• NoggerU Pre-Release 27 July (last week) - thank you for your help guys!!

Changes from the Pre-Release:
• Added Dublin City FM stings
• Intro & Outro OSW music put underneath
• Added speech to bumper music
• Altered shoutout to Al Mills (Belfast - > Ballymena)
• Added shoutout to Marc for the Tina Guo tracks
• Added an extra line after Sexy Brutale medley (huge mark for it's music!)
• Added/Re-did the Fire Emblem Fates speech to explain the track better.
• Added Ambassasors of Funk outro
• Volume tweaks

Request tracks for L16 below! Make sure to leave a youtube link and your home town for a shoutout!

See ya in the funny pages!