#5: Out of Left Field
The Current Affairs panel discusses the latest flare-ups in the left-liberal divide (civility, Ocasio-Cortez, and more), hears Pete's Lefty Shark Tank pitch for a universal government login, and share their favorite silver bullets for solving many problems in one fell swoop.

The Panel:

Further reading on the left-liberal divide

Both Nathan and Pete have pieces on the left-liberal divide here and here. You can read Nathan's post-Ocasio take here and Brie's recent take on identity politics and the Democrats here.

Further reading on a universal government login

Read about Estonia's online voting here and the U.K.'s verification system here. To join up with tech-minded lefties, check out the Progressive Coders Network.

Further reading on our silver bullets

For one of the heroes of the caring economy, check out National Domestic Workers Alliance director Ai-Jen Poo. The Bruenigs have also written widelyon pro-family economic policies. Democracy Journal had a roundup on national service in 2014. The People's Policy Project put out a recent report on incarcerated voter enfranchisement.


Here's some more information on what it means to be bi-dialectical.**

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