DNA Extraction - 3 videos, 3 worksheets
Extracting DNA from fruit makes a fantastic science investigation. I put together three videos and worksheets around the topic, and I hope you enjoy them!

In the first video, we extract DNA from a strawberry using salt, soap, and rubbing alcohol: https://youtu.be/d2IBcOI22uI

In the second video, the little cartoon characters from my science activity books try the extraction on several different foods. For my patrons who are on the periodic table, if you ever had a life dream of having a cartoon version of you commemorated in song, it is now realized: https://youtu.be/03XCb99gl8s

In the third video, I answer several questions about the experiment and go through the worksheets: https://youtu.be/vdyNebSxX6I

If you are using this as a study unit for your child or student, I highly recommend having them work on the worksheets BEFORE watching this third video. Go to the library and look up some books about DNA, or help them use a search engine to discover the answers. They'll learn much more this way!

The pdf files for the worksheets are attached at the bottom of this post. 

DNAinstructions.pdf has the materials and methods needed to do the DNA extraction. If you print it double sided, the back of the page invites the student to record their observations and conclusions.

DNAworksheet1.pdf is designed for elementary students.

DNAworksheet2.pdf is aimed for a more advanced learner.

If you enjoy this series of video and these worksheets, I have a favor to ask of you. Could you please leave a comment, share, or like the videos from YouTube? 

I would LOVE for these videos to show up as one of the first search results in YouTube when people search for this experiment, so that more people will be able to see and use this information. I'm fairly confident that will happen if the video can get 50 comments, but I need your help to get there!