Serendipity City, Ep 15: Wastin' Away in Magic-ritaville
Here's next Tuesday's episode! The full text of the letter read at the end of it is at the end of the show notes. 

ff to investigate a lead, the Grove Team goes to the mysterious beach village. What will they discover, besides lots of sand? Listen in to find out!

Players: Jennifer Alexander, Brendan McLeod (Twitch, Twitter), and Orion

DM: Michelle Nickolaisen (Twitter, Instagram )

Audio editor: Brendan Hutchins

Other notes:

  • We're going to be doing another Q&A episode soon, so send us any questions you have!
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Tracks used from Free Music Archive: Grand Hotel by Dee Yan-Key, Shiny Diamonds by Underskore Orkestra

Sound effects via Battlebards and 3bagbrew on freesound.org

The last letter from Rose McGinnis reads: 

Dearest elder, 

I’m sorry for missing the last update; I know it’s been a few weeks since we got in touch. Things are going well for us — we’re in the same apartment we had secured a few months ago. The building is all right, a bit leaky, but our neighbors are good people. You’ll be pleased to hear that young Lucy is doing just fine and seems to have picked up the gift. At the moment, I’m working from our apartment or in the closest diner doing readings for customers, and she likes to watch me work and chime in with her own additions. 

Patrick has managed to secure work at the new Daughtery automotive factory. If you believe the company men, the automotives will be the next big thing; I suppose we’ll see, but in the meantime it’s steady work. So far, they’re promising better pay than Herrin Shipping, which had another fight between their workers and the gray-suited folks a week or two ago. I heard one of the workers was shot dead and most others managed to get away with minor injuries. 

When it comes to the magical groups, things aren’t much calmer at the moment. The current scuffles seem to be mostly between the werewolves and the sorcerers — I’m not sure what started it, but fights have broken out in the streets near us. Luckily, they seem to not be concerned in involving bystanders, at least at this point in time. Hopefully, the wolves don’t start taking issue with other magic-workers. I can’t imagine they’d have much to quarrel about with a fortune teller, but you never know. 

There is another group that’s curious. I’ve been hearing whispers about the “lightbringers.” As near as I can tell, they aren’t involved in any of the day-to-day fights that plague many of the other groups in the city, and mostly keep to themselves. Even rumors about them are thin on the ground, but I’m going to keep investigating so I can keep you all up to date. I’ll write back with details on what we find. 

Send my love to the rest of our kindred, and please stay safe. 


Rose McGinnis

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