Girls Visit 2018

The last two weeks have gone bye so fast. It was great to have Mom and the girls come visit us from Minnesota. It will be hard to see them leave in a couple of days. 

We have had a busy two weeks and tried to show the girls some exciting parts of Arizona and California. Both of them had never been to Arizona or California before so it was fun to see them experience things for the first time.

Mom has been down here and to California before with us but she still had fun seeing the sites again. We also went to see a few new spots on this trip to California also. 

In Arizona the girls got to see the Dessert, Parks, Fountain Hills Fountain, Mesa Community Celebration and Fireworks show. Those were some of the fun things they did in Arizona on this trip besides afternoons at the Pool with Seth and Logan. Mrs RE and Mom went also with them to the Pool. 

In California we took them to San Diego first to see the Seals on the beach. Then we drove up the coast to Long Beach and did some boogie board surfing there. Then we stayed a couple of nights in Glendale, CA at Embassy Suites Hotel.

The Second day in California we spent most of the day at Santa Monica Pier and Beach. The kids had a great time as you can see in the above video. They also had a good time on the Pier.

The Third day we took them to the Hollywood Walk of Fame, a drive around Beverly Hills and to Griffith Park. At Griffith Park they saw the Hollywood Sign of course and then we spent a lot of time at the Observatory. They seemed to really enjoy that there also. 

Traveling can make a person pretty tired. When we got home tonight pretty much everyone was ready for bed. We tried watching a movie but only three of us finished it. 

We enjoyed these two weeks with the girls and mom and can’t wait till they can come down again. Mom and Dad have plans to come back next winter so that will be fun to have them here again. We hope someday they will live with us full-time and get out of that tough Minnesota Winter weather and Humid summers. 

Mrs. RE is going down for a few days in October to see everyone and try to have some girl time with Missy, Mom and others. I keep trying to encourage her to do those Girl trips at least twice a year. 

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