A poll for revolution xD
Hey yo, patrons/readers, how'r ya doing? Okay, I begin to realize that some of you want to boost GE (Grasping Evil) releasing amount per week. So I imagine that it's best to have a poll to find out how many of you actually agree to separating the patreon page of these two novels (DMWG and GE), because some DMWG readers may not be GE readers and vice versa. It may be unfair to GE readers if I'm setting the community goal in DMWG patreon page. As such, I think it will be best if I can set the community goal on the patreon page of the particular novel only. If most of you prefer to have another new patreon page for GE, I will personally do it for you all in the following month (September), from that point on wards, any GE avid reader will be able to read the advanced chapters on that page.

So, patrons/readers, what's your choice?
Select only one option that you feel best.   

Open another patreon page for GE (Grasping Evil) novel


Don't open another patreon page for GE (Grasping Evil) novel

Poll ended Aug 30, 2018
124 votes total