Finally, An Actual Fix to the Computer Problem!
First, things have gotten a bit better since the last post, I think? This weekend was the first weekend in months that I actually managed to get everything I needed to done on time and still had time to chill. Honestly, my brain didn't know what to do when I ran into a time where I didn't have to work, so it kind of just went into shut-down mode and the next thing I knew, I'd woken up from a rather abrupt nap - whoops! 

On that note, everything is still largely chaos, I must be honest. Nothing much has improved or changed (actually it all got abruptly worse after that last blog post but now it's kind of plateaued). I think I've just done that human thing we do where we adapt to the change and suddenly well...

To visually-quote a far too timely meme, this is me right now:

... and that's okay! The fire'll get put out. I'm sure it will. Eventually. Someday. And I'm doing better at getting back on the wagon of productivity in the meanwhile.

And speaking of which, I've finally solved a problem from back in November that's been causing me more grief than I like to admit.  Remember when my laptop suddenly decided it was going into the long sleep?  It really turns out that I'm a serious laptop-writer kind of gal. I kind of cobbled together an awkward setup of my 2012 iPad and a keyboard and limped along with that when I needed to, but just the hassle of it - prop up the iPad, put batteries in the keyboard, fight with them until they sync, prop the iPad up several more times when it topples over and messes with my qi... That's a serious uphill battle when I'm already swamped. Ugh.

Last Tuesday was my birthday. Whoo! I turned thirty-three and, with three being my favourite number and what this being the most number of threes I'll ever see in my age unless I discover longevity/immortality somewhere along the road, I decided that it was a special day and I finally bought the new laptop I'd wanted. I'm an Apple user, so I splurged on a MacBook Pro that should do everything I'll ever throw at it and not even hiccup. I got it on a bit of a payment plan of sorts, so it'll be a little while before I fully pay it off and you bet that any commissions I do in the future will be geared towards bringing that tally down to zero all the faster.

Last I checked, it was on its way to me from Shanghai, and should arrive on Friday. I've got a lot I want to do with that machine, but for right now I'll be happy to just be able to slip into my writing habit with some ease again.

To make sure that happens, I've actually set up a Dropbox that links both to my boyfriend and my mom and they've been instructed to give me the stink eye if I don't update that folder regularly. I'm being policed! That should help.

But it should be fine, honestly. When I did have a laptop I never had trouble writing at least once a week. We'll get back on that horse.

So for those of you watching the $10 tier here at Patreon, you should be getting actual content once again. Thanks again for your faith in me during these rough times. Slowly but surely it's getting better!

Now, I also want to start getting some more stuff into the $5 tier again. It's about time that I started planning out Chapter Four of Prophecy of the Circle. It's got rough structure, but I really want to hammer the kinks out of this one. It's one of the more important chapters in the story, involving events I wrote about ages ago in the unfinished novel that started this whole adventure. I'm keen to get that chapter right.

I'll keep you guys posted, as always.

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