Tier Changes & a Paper Doll Download
Hey all!

It's been a crazy few months but my show, Stolen Power, is now up on display in Seattle, yay! 

I've been thinking a lot about Patreon and how to make this work for my patrons and for my schedule and happily, I think I came up with a solution. 

I've decided to change my tiers and offer only 1 tier from here on out. The tier will be $6 per month and you'll get access to some special posts and digital content as well as a quarterly package in the mail with my newest zines and/or other items.

For those of you who already support me you can chose to change your tier selection to this new one or leave your support as is. If you are on a preexisting tier that is less than $6 you'll still get access to patron only posts, though they might be different than what you initially signed up for.

For those of you who chose to stay at a tier that already pledges at least $6 per month, I'll just switch you over to the new quarterly package subscription.

I'm hoping this new system will mean that I need to take fewer breaks from the platform and can find ways of sharing with you all on a more regular basis.

The first subscription package will ship out in early September.

If you have questions, feel free to post below or send me a message.

And as a thank you for sticking around while I was on hiatus, here is a paper doll you can download, print, cut out, and join together with a hole puncher and brads.

Thank you for your continued support!!