A Remote iOS Bug (CVE-2018-4290)
Aloha Patrons! 

I recently reported a core iOS bug that could remotely crash apps on certain iOS devices. 

Interestingly the code was in a core component of iOS that Apple wrote to appease China 🇨🇳

In short, iOS will 'censor' Taiwanese flag emojis when the iDevice's region (or locale) is set to China. Unfortunately if the iDevice is in a "region-less" state this logic will trigger a crash:

The good news is that Apple has patched this bug (as CVE-2018-4290) in iOS 11.4.1:

For all the juicy technical details on this bug. read my latest blog post:
"A Remote iOS Bug" ( https://objective-see.com/blog/blog_0x34.html )

And as always, mahalo for your ongoing support and patronage! <3 


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