1K Subscriber Update
The Taboo video has came and went, and I will be honest, it turned out better than I could have hoped. For such a niche title, I fully expected it to not get as many eyes on it but as of writing it performed better than the part 2 of the RPG trilogy. I hope you enjoyed it. But something big happened while I was working on that video. I hit 1,000 subs! That is a mile stone I never thought I would hit, but I am grateful. I wanted go have a video ready for it but with sickness and computer issues, that made it impossible to keep up with it, and in fact I had to change some videos I was planning on doing in order to fit. I am still scripting the 1k subscriber video, which will be on one of my favorite games of all time, Final Fantasy XI. I feel it is sort of the lost Final Fantasy, even moreso than Mystic Quest. Yet I have put well over 2,000 hours into it, if not 3,000 at this point. It is a game that is as part of me as school was. May 16th also marks the 15th anniversary of FFXI, making it a good candidate. The hardest part has been the script. I have been working on the script for this video since 2015, before the channel started, and I have yet to write one that has felt like I have done it justice. It has been so hard to write. I can talk for hours about this game. I had scripts longer than the Resident Evil video, and a year ago I might have made an hour and 30 minute long video, but I have learned that less is often more, so I have been boiling the game down to a few very concise points I want to make. And it has been painful to prune so much of my memories. But I hope it makes it a better video because of it. Finally, I want to thank you all for your support. It has meant the world to me. I only have a couple of months left in my savings, but your generosity has made it to where I don't feel concerned with having to get a full-time job and I can look for a part-time position and still work on videos. Your contribution is what gave me courage to grow the channel, and reaching 1k subs is because of you guys. Seriously, you can look at my channel's growth since January and it has gone up exponentially. I still have a few months to grow the channel/Patreon, but I am extremely appreciative for what I have. In the upcoming months, I plan to do something extra special for Patreons, so stay tuned!