1s & 0s are my Editor

July 12

Some of you may remember that earlier this year I had the intention of becoming a traditional writer. However, to my surprise, everything changed when ChatGPT was released. I have had the pleasure of working with this system for over half a year now and for those of you in doubt, let me just say that it is a great teacher. It's like having a paid proofreader and editor, only better.

The past months of working with ChatGPT have been like having an editor at home. Of course, I still have to do the hard work of imagining and putting together a story. However, asking ChatGPT to review my work has helped me grow as a writer. Now I can catch errors that I couldn't see before, thanks to the help of an accessible editor.

There are indeed many other people who use ChatGPT to help them with the creative part of writing, but for me, I just need it to be an editor I can trust. I don't intend to depend on the system as if I could not learn. Rather, I have been analyzing the corrections it makes to my work to grow and, in the future, stop needing an editor.

Despite the conflict that many raise, since ChatGPT can create stories without the need for human creativity, I decided to publish some system-reviewed stories. The reaction from the writing community has been clear. We don't want jobs done entirely by a machine to be compared to ours. After all, it's hard to compete with a system that has such a vast database.

As of this post, I've decided to use ChatGPT as an editor. In this way, the corrections it makes to my work will be suggestions that help me grow instead of replacing human creativity. Thus, my latest drafts will be an evolution of my initial versions that were written in the morning somewhere in the Andes.

I hope this is enough to keep growing as a writer and to be able to take advantage of technology without it completely replacing us. So please look forward to my next story, which I am currently working on.

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