1st Blog Post - (Update Blog #1 - JAN 2018)
Hey awesome patrons!! I might act cool on the outside, but I'm actually weeping snots of joy on the inside. Thanks for being a patron! I have lots of stuff planned for us in 2018, I hope you're as excited as I am. :D

Now that I have revamped the rewards for 2018, I'll keep you guys updated with monthly update-blogs (like this one, kinda). This will also make it possible for you to leave comments and ask me questions (if you have any) regarding your reward tier. First update-blog will arrive 4th or 5th of January, where I'll explain give information about your much deserved rewards. ALWAYS feel free to leave questions if you're unsure about anything, I'll answer every single question (within reason ofc lol). + I'll make it visual by including stupidly lame comics like this one... #sorrynotsorry

See you soon! <3 

- Odin