1st BTB Painting Contest !! (Huge Prizes)

We're ready to announce our first painting contest!

How to Participate:

To participate in this contest you'll only need to do 3 things:

  • Be a Patron ($9 or higher) during the month of January (Only January is required this time).
  • Print, Paint and Post on Instagram at least one of our following (15) Minis:
    - Anything from December Bugbears Release (All 7 characters are eligible)
    - Anything from January Minotaurs Release (All 7 characters are eligible)
    - "Victoria, the Beast Hunter" (Autumn Season Reward)
  • Send your photos to: [email protected]

Email Content:

  • Subject: BTB Painting Contest
  • Your Patreon Name
  • Link to your Instagram Post
  • Attached: HD images

The contest started January 15th and the last day to submit any entry is gonna be February 15th.

We have 2 proffesional painters that will act as judges for the contest and will decide the 3 winners. (@jaimedegarnicaminiatures and @sergio.minotaurostudio).


  • : Phrozen Sonic Mini 4K + 1L Phrozen Aqua Resin Gray 4K
  • : Scale 75: Fantasy & Games Collection + The Army Painter Wet Palette + 1L Resin 
  • : Nolzur's Marvelous: Monster Paint Set + The Army Painter Wet Palette + 1L Resin

Every winner will receive his prize completely free.
All shipping cost and importation taxes will have been already paid in advance.

Community Awards:

We'll also select our personal Top16 minis on Instagram (non-winners) and those ones will be then showcased on Patreon and enter a Patron-only poll where the community will decide 3 extra winners.

  • 3x Community Winners: March Patreon Subscription + 1 Mini from an old release

Everyone's a winner:

Every participant will receive a 15% discount code for all products in the Phrozen Store.


  • The mini needs to be printed at 100% size, it can't be scaled up (scaled down is ok).
  • The mini obviously must be painted by yourself, otherwise you'll be disqualified.
  • The mini can't be modified or kitbashed neither digitally nor physically.
  • Bases/dioramas can be customized but won't be decisive in order to win.
  • You can't include content from other Patreons or creators (only by yourself or BTB).

  • You're allowed to submit multiple entries to the contest. As many as you can paint.
  • Winners will have a 1 year cooldown for that position, so the 1st in this contest won't be able to be a winner again until 2022 but the 2nd can still win the next one.

  • Photos can't be edited by any kind of software or be post-processed.
  • You can do minor tweaks like saturation, levels, etc.. to convert the .raw format file.
  • You can't overpaint or edit certain parts of the picture in order to fix mistakes.
  • The final photos must be attached to the email in .jpg (jpeg), max size: 2mb.
  • Photo quality counts, so spend some time getting the best out of your minis.
  • You'll need at least 3 photos from different angles, white/black background.
  • Low quality photos will make evaluation very difficult, so deficient quality photos or the ones that don't meet the requirements will not be evaluated.
  • You can follow this Photography Tutorial as an example: Guide.
  • And this other "How To Photograph Miniatures Like a Boss": Video.

  • Participants must add #Phrozen and @phrozen3d on the posts.
  • Participants must tag and add @bitethebulletstudio.
  • Participants must add #bitethebulletstudio, #bitethebulletcontest.

  • Due to logistical challenges we can't ship the first prize to the following countries: (African Countries, Cuba, Laos, Middle East, Mongolia, Myanmar and Outlying Islands, North Korea, Russia, Brazil and Greece)


Phrozen’s Aqua-Gray 4K resin is specifically designed to showcase 3D models in ultra-high resolution. This formula is created to allow every designer to print a replica of their designs with the added benefits of no shrinkage and low odor.

The Sonic Mini 4K is particularly developed for precision printing, offering 4K resolution printing at 35 µm and 722 PPI, the highest PPI on the market! It is capable of producing your models with all the fine details and is able to print one layer in only two seconds!

Instagram: @phrozen3d
Website: phrozen3d.com

(Phrozen) Sonic Mini 4K - The True 4K 3D Printer


We plan on doing one contest and one giveway each Season and add them to our Seasonal Reward System where the patrons that supported us for the entire season will be qualified to enter both the contests and the giveaways on top of receiving the Season Reward Mini for Free.

Remember that the current season is Winter (December > January > February) = Winter's Reward.

We'll further explain all our ideas regarding future contests after finishing this one and depending on all your feedback.

Elisa and Daniel,
Bite the Bullet Team.

Update (15/01):

After receiving some pictures where details were lost in the white background we have decided that both black and white backgrounds are valid, it will be decision of the author to chose which one to use.

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