Last Saturday I shared the first completed draft of the script for my next comic with friends for the first time. I showed it to my girlfriend, my longtime friend Aaron, and two comic pros. They were kind enough to give me notes and I learned all kinds of things!

I learned that the central theme I was trying to convey wasn’t coming across. My characters relationship reads as (is) much more screwed up than I had realized. Some scenes drag on. Some of the jokes are funny. There are aspects to my characters that hadn’t dawned on me till someone else pointed them out.

In other words, it was a huge success. I’m so glad not to be coming to these realizations after 15 pages of the story has been drawn!

So, drawing is next, right?

No. Not yet. While I’m eager to get down to the drawing I need to fix these problems first in a completed 2nd draft. After that I plan on sharing it with a couple more folks (let me know if you’d like to be one of them) and finding out how it’s reading. Then I plan to layout the entire book.

I’m considering sharing the layouts here as I draw them. Usually I wait to show the layouts till after the finished pages are posted in order to keep spoilers to a minimum, but it might be interesting to see a comic together in real time. 

I think I’ll try attaching PDFs of the layouts to these semi-weekly updates. That way you can download and read them as I go if you like, or hold off till the finished pages start posting. That way you don't have to worry about loading a post and seeing something you didn't want to see.

Cave time

My girlfriend is going out of town for two weeks starting on Monday, so I’m expecting to get lots done. Of course, our air-conditioning just went out this morning so who knows. Let’s see what happens!

Thanks again for being here. There's really exciting stuff coming down the line.