The 1st Patreon Live Stream
Hey everyone! Next Thursday at 8:00pm, we will be doing our first live stream for our Patreon users. While Kate and I are no strangers to live streaming, this is our first one just for you guys. So please bare with us while we figure out how we'd like to format these to make it the best experience for all involved. As for things we shall be talking about... - The content we shall be making via Closet Champion - The first steps towards creating FightoPop! - The madness that is a major CHIKARA show aka the gear deadlines! - What we expect from starting the Patreon & how we'd like to use with you! - and of course, questions from you guys! We know there are only a few of you at the moment. So, we are opening this up to everyone for the first stream. We'd love for you guys to ask questions! Please drop them in the comments below. We have two questions for you as well. They are... What would you like to see as rewards for our Patrons? What content would you specifically like to see? Thanks for reading! Kate and I look forward to streaming with you guys live next week. But before then, CHIKARA! Victoriously, Ophidian