1st year ☆ New rewards tier!
It has been a year since I opened my Patreon page, and I am overwhelmed to receive such a warm welcome and support!

And to celebrate a year of creating personal drawings every month, I am opening a new reward level!

 ☆  Reward Level 4  ☆ 

By pledging to this tier, you will be given a chance to request a character of your choice [fanart only]. I will then draw a half-body sketch of this request! Plus, you will also receive all the rewards for levels 1-3!

Click here for my sketch samples  [sample1]  [sample2] 

 ✿ Some important notes for the sketch request    ✿ 

  • Fanart of anime or game characters only
  • 1 character only
  • If the character is too detailed or cluttered, I will ask for a different request.

If you have questions or suggestions, please feel free to let me know. I will appreciate it a lot!