$2.00 and up Tier - Sketch Month!
A little late in the month for this! So sorry for the late notice but we're going to have another special sketch request reward tier this month!

Same deal as last time!

For the next week, comment below with any character you'd like us to sketch. You can ask for multiple characters! It can be someone from MAOH or any character from anything! The only thing we ask for is that it's easily google-able in case we don't know the character off hand! We've gotten some Adventure Time characters, some DC comics characters, and some anime characters (we love Haikyuu and Sailor Moon so those were great). Stuff like that's all good! We love comics and cartoons and we read a lot! We know/love all sorts of stuff!

If you'd like to stay anonymous you can email your requests to [email protected] and I'll post them in the comments without your names.

The more the merrier! Missveryvery will pick a random selection and sketch them up and post them for all to see.

You've got until the 7th to get those requests in!

-Interpunkt (K. Van Dam)

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