$2,000 Goal Reached! Traveling to Asia
Thanks to your amazing support, we have reached our $2,000/episode Patreon goal!

That is, we can “Have the flexibility to travel to other cities for episodes and interviews—with the occasional trip to Hong Kong or Taiwan."

And boy are we excited to make good on that promise! In fact, in  two weeks we're headed to the Philippines, Taiwan, and Hong Kong. This will be the first of many Patron-supported China Uncensored trips.

Now technically, when it says we make "$2,332 per episode," it's closer to $1,400 per video, or about 60%. That's mainly because of monthly limits, plus also credit card fees and declines; we didn't realize this a year ago when we set the goals. Nonetheless, we're committed to making good on our promise to you. So off we are to Asia!


P.S. This video is not a paid post, i.e. we're not charging Patrons for this announcement video.

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