2.5 Profile Update News
Hey everyone!  Hope you're enjoying 2.5.I've been running the profile for a while and there are actually very few compatibility bugs. One change is long-press on N will autoland, so I'll make an adjustment for that.  The button10 binding isn't useful, so I'll be removing that (it was CIG's change). I also fixed the keyboard bindings for strafe.  I'll be inspecting all the targeting functions as well, but so far I haven't run into any issues.

Please make sure you've downloaded the LATEST TARGET (otherwise you'll get the ill-fated "Line 29" error).

Let me know if you are having any weird behaviors when flying!

To my awesome Patrons: There won't be any patron donation charge for this next update, it's not a lot of work on my end, so we'll wait for the next big one :)